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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome Adulthood; Welcome To My Blog!

Do you ever have those moments, when everything feels like its going wrong; And the last thing you ever, ever want to do, is talk it out? Well, your not alone. Welcome to my Blog. My name is Shelby and well, I’m having one of those ‘ Don’t talk to me’ kind of days. Although, staying locked up in my room and blocking out the universe isn’t exactly a healthy way of dealing... so instead I’ve decided to give my blog a 3rd chance at survival. Beware- This will not be a pretty site, and I look forward to helping you all with life problems as well as finding a mean to control my own. Someone once told me to put forth others before myself, and in doing so will receive happiness. Well, I still don’t see how that will work but I might as well give it a shot, right? So for all of you girls ( and guys) out their that need some answers... don’t be afraid to ask. I’m all ears ( or eyes) and I look forward to helping you the best way I can.
So for my first post. Lets discuss adulthood. Because I think the lack of education of this topic is what leaves us all with such trouble. What does it mean to be an adult? Do I suddenly need a job to support myself? Others? Do I need to have all of my life figured out? Do I need to understand what it is exactly that makes me happy? How do I figure this out? At what point do I suddenly have my answers? Well let me tell you something.... It’s not just one point in time that defines happiness. Now don’t get me wrong, you can be some 15 year old girl who finally got asked out by the boy of her dreams... so congratulations... You are happy. But for how long? Happiness comes in all forms and in all ways and as you grow ones ‘happiness’ changes. It’s just the fact of life. It’s the fact of aging and the beauty behind it. I guess for me, happiness isn’t just meeting a 15 year old boy... mainly because that’d be creepy and thus i’d be walking around with a sign that read ‘Pedophile’ on my forehead. No, no. I am not a pedophile! I am not attracted to 15 year old boys... but you get my drift, right? Happiness is more of a state of being, it comes and goes. Sometimes it’s unexpected and at others it’s exactly what we worked for. Sometimes it’s an everyday feeling and at other times its so unfamiliar to us that we let go before we can truly enjoy the sensation. It seems to good to be true because it’s a feeling so rarely felt, and so rarely appreciated. And thats when we take the wrong turn guys... we over think and exaggerate and somehow that leads to extremely fast girl-speed speaking and uncontrollably, spontaneous actions.  And maybe thats uncontrollable;But maybe, just maybe... when ones able to control ‘it’. Thats being an adult. The ability to foresee the temptations that come with the overwhelming feeling of concern. The concern we all feel in our daily lives from silly things that are so trivial to the larger picture of Life. The thing i’ve learned most about being an adult, that no one ever tells you growing up, is that you won’t ever feel like an adult. You just are. You just wake up one morning and try to take control of that day, instead of trying to dominate the rest of your week. It’s in that moment when you sit back and relax that you accept your adulthood. That you realize it’s okay to feel like a kid. It’s okay to want to go to the park and kick a ball around, or go walking throughout the streets of Boston to find those little heart shaped studs you used to wear as a little girl. It’s okay to be you. Because the day you wake up and recognize the life you live is yours, is that day you wake up an adult. So do me a favor, will ya? Tomorrow when you wake up... sit up straight, make that dinosaur noise as you stretch your arms and back out.... and just think about how grateful and successful you are in that very moment. And once you’ve got that thought in your head, get up. Go shower, go have a healthy sustainable breakfast. Go for a run or a bike ride. Go skydiving or river rafting. Get up! Go live your life. And once your done living in the lap of luxury, something that seems so intangible, go conquer something else... which may just be as simple as your job. Trust me, It won’t seem so hard after that. 
So dear all readers, Welcome to Adulthood. Welcome to the start of your fresh, tangible life. Now stop reading this and go!!